The CGP-Doering Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of advancing the education, research, and communication in chemistry, and promoting the scientific exchange between chemistry educators, scholars, and researchers from both the United States and China through seminars, conferences, and symposia.

The formation of this organization was inspired by what Harvard chemistry professor William von Eggers Doering did 30 years ago. In the late 1970s, the communication between China and the rest of the world was still very limited. In order to bridge the chemistry education between United States and China, Professor Doering initiated a program to bring the brightest Chinese chemistry graduate students to pursue their Ph.D. degrees in North America. Over a period of 5 years, this Chemistry Graduate Program (CGP) helped more than 250 graduate students from China to enter Ph.D. programs in the top universities in the US and Canada. The CGP program helped open the doors of US universities to other Chinese chemistry students as well as evidenced by the thousands of Chinese chemistry graduate students since then enrolled in US chemistry postgraduate programs, which greatly facilitated the training of a new generation of leaders of Chinese chemistry professionals. In the process, the chemistry profession in the United States is also greatly benefited from this talent pool and many of these students have become the core constituents of US chemistry-related industry.

However, thirty years later, many individuals, who are beneficiaries of the CGP program, as well as educators and those in chemistry-related industry, believe that we should increase our efforts to promote education and communication in chemistry.  It is our duty to help the new generation of colleage students to understand the contributions of chemistry to society and the career opportunities in chemistry.  This foundation is formed with the sole intent to advance the education, research, and communication in chemistry.  In order to honor Professor Doering’s pioneer work in starting the CGP program, this foundation is named the CGP-Doering Foundation.

In the short term, the CGP-Doering Foundation will engage in the following activities: (1) organize symposia to discuss issues facing the chemistry education; (2) provide a unique net work for chemistry educators, students, industrial professionals, and former CGP students; and (3) sponsor small group discussions for specific topics related to chemistry. In the long run, our ultimate goal is to bring as many bright students as possible to join the chemistry profession and make sure we will have the best talents for the future of chemistry.

The CGP-Doering Foundation is sponsoring its first event - The CGP Symposium in Tianjin, China, on July 13-14, 2008 (http://pubs.acs.org/cen/email/html/cen_86_i15_8615acsnews2.html) that will bring chemistry educators, students, industry representatives, and former CGP students from both the US and China.  In particular, Prof. Doering has been invited to give a keynote speech at the symposium regarding the CGP program and his vision of chemistry.  It is our hope that this symposium in his honor will encourage Chinese graduate students to pursue a career in chemistry and foster dialogues among different sectors of chemistry.